Deep Water Ports

Building Durable, High-Quality and Efficient Dry Fertilizer Storage Complexes

The Long Time Leader

Since 1958, Stueve Construction has lead the industry at building durable, quality and efficient Dry Fertilizer Storage Complexes at deep water ports.

Design From Start to Finish

Planning, design and construction of facilities and port terminals on the water present a unique set of challenges. Stueve Construction understands these challenges and has developed the best and most innovative solutions for our clients.

World Class Deep-Water Port Terminals

Stueve Construction’s deep-water port terminals are high-performance facilities, tested to demonstrate stability and resilience in harsh seaside environments and damaging weather conditions.

Since 1958, Stueve Construction has become the recognized industry leader for building high-quality, durable efficient dry fertilizer storage complexes. We have many years of experience with the unique set of challenges presented by planning, designing and constructing of facilities and port terminals on the water. We understand these challenges and have developed many innovative solutions for our clients.

How we approach your project: We start the process by evaluating your Geotechnical Soils Report and determining what design methods we need to employ. Deep foundations may be required, and we can provide options such as auger cast piles, helical piles, stone cap piles, concrete piles, soil consolidation or geopiers as a solution. We come back with a recommendation that will be sound and cost effective for you.

Our next step is to examine potential weather conditions that can affect your project, such as hurricanes and flooding. We will put together a building design that meets those potential challenges.

Stueve Construction’s world class deep-water port terminals are high-performance facilities tested to demonstrate stability and resilience in harsh seaside environments and damaging weather conditions.

Stueve’s in-house engineering team has experience with the United States Corp of Engineers and several Port Authorities across North America. Our relationships with them and our experience with their requirements will help make the permitting process run smoothly and as quickly as possible.

We are practiced and experienced in water port construction, and many Stueve Construction employees carry Transportation Worker Identification Credential cards, – allowing them to work within secure areas of the port.

We offer our clients general contracting expertise that you can count on. We will coordinating all the trade partners for your project while providing offering you full transparency and excellent communications. With Stueve as your project team leader, you can trust that the job will be done right and on time.