Retail Plants

Fertilizer Storage Solutions

Durable and permanent structures that last a lifetime.

In-House Engineering

Stueve Construction is a true design-build company with an in-house engineering team who specialize exclusively on the design of fertilizer storage buildings.

Innovative Design

Building design innovations such as “bump out” elevated control rooms, heated impregnation rooms and alleyways, enclosed load-outs, and allowing abundant natural light in the bins, alleyways and catwalk.

Accessibility and Safety

Safety-minded building designs offer stairway access inside the building to the catwalks, blend tower, overhead weigh hopper tank platforms and micro bins. Stairway accessibility provides easier access for housekeeping and maintenance and increased employee safety.

The Industry Leader in Dry Fertilizer Storage Technology

Stueve Construction is the industry leader in dry fertilizer storage technology with more than 1,300 projects from 500 tons to more than 100,000 tons in size. We specialize in the design and construction of retail fertilizer plants and partner with leading technology providers in material handling equipment, automation, and liquid fertilizer, providing our clients the best technology and operational efficiencies available for your project. We offer our clients turnkey solutions as the general contractor or project coordination delivery systems.

Stueve Construction offers our customers 60 years of building experience. Our in-house engineers create innovative building designs and ultimately, a permanent long-term structure that allows for growth and expansion. We track the budget and timeline along with safety considerations that meet your fertilizer plant needs now and in the future.