River Terminals

Environmentally Sound Solutions From Experienced Engineers

Unique Construction Challenges

Our experienced engineers provide expert design and execution to meet the unique challenges of building a river terminal.

Environmentally Sound

Our knowledge of environmentally sound best practices allows us to build river terminals that will meet or exceed governmental rules and regulations.

Timely Construction

Our projects are completed on time and on budget to the complete satisfaction of each and every client.

Offering Expertise and Experience in Building River Terminal Storage Solutions

The Inland Waterway Transportation Network of North America is an essential component of the fertilizer distribution system. Agriculture depends on cost-effective shipping of crop nutritional products using barges and river terminals at strategic locations. Stueve is dedicated to ensuring that our clients are able to provide essential crop nutrients to the thousands of farms that need it.

Since 1958, Stueve Construction has offered the best dry fertilizer storage solutions for your river barge receiving and shipping needs. We understand the complexities and requirements of receiving high volumes of product and will build according to that capacity. We will also help you distribute your product quickly by proving wider alleys for larger loaders.

Our complete engineering and superior construction abilities ensure you will be working with the best contractor for your complex. Stueve is prepared for many potential challenges in the permitting and pre-construction phase of river terminal projects. Building requirements on river bank soils may call for special foundations such as auger cast piles. Special flood control measures may also be needed. We work closely with Army Corps of Engineers so no issues arise.

Stueve’s own dedicated building crews are there for the construction and post-construction phases to make sure we surpass your expectations. Building your next bulk fertilizer storage terminal with Stueve Construction will provide you with a premium facility with the flexibility and durability you require. We offer our clients the experience we have gained through the last 60 years in River Terminal Storage solutions, while working with the best in material handling manufacturers of your choice.