Cactus, Texas Nutrien Ag Solutions

What our Client Needed

The brand-new retail facility in Cactus, TX, is one of the latest additions to Nutrien Ag’s global network of retailers that span three continents. The company wanted to consolidate several smaller retail operations nearby into a larger, expanded facility that could better meet customer needs.

“Our big focus was on being able to turn trucks and equipment for our customers,” Martin Beauprez, construction manager at Nutrien Ag, says. “We wanted to improve efficiency and speed. If customers are waiting hours to get loaded, and they’re not in the field, it’s not good for our business or theirs.”

Beauprez says safety was also a big consideration. “We tried to engineer the hazards out; we build catwalks instead of ladders and stairs, for example,” he says.

What Stueve Designed and Built

The project was challenging from the start due to the extremely tight time frame. Beauprez says they had just eight months to go from an empty greenfield site to an operating facility.

“The design window was really compressed,” he says. “Usually Stueve just builds the dry fertilizer building, but in this case due to some other circumstances, they needed to be the general contractor for the entire project. The Stueve team never said no, and really worked hard to problem solve and make some of the issues that came up go away.”

The project included an office, a large warehouse for both packaged chemicals and fertilizer, a separate building for liquid load out fertilizer and bulk chemicals. Product comes in by rail and is loaded out onto trucks.

“The extra space and faster load out have given us access to more customers and more product,” Beauprez says. “We haven’t had a full season yet, and already the new facility is allowing our business to grow.”

Specs at a Glance

Dry Fertilizer

Storage Capacity: 3,400 T
Bin Area: 128’ x 50’
Macro Bins: 8
Alleyway: 128’ x 46’
Enclosed Load-Out: 100’ x 42’
Elevated Control Room: 20’ x 14’
Enclosed Truck Receiving: 50’ x 22’
Blend System: (1)- Yargus 16T Rotary
Truck Receiving Capacity: 200 TPH
In-Floor Heat System : Alleyway & Blender Pit Area

Liquid Fertilizer Storage Tanks : (Heartland Tanks)

(1)- 1,000,000 Gal Tank
(1) -500,000 Gal Tank
(1)- 300,000 Gal. Tank

Liquid Fertilizer Storage: 92’ x 38’

Administrative Office: 36’ x 80’
– 5 Offices, Conference Room/Break Room, Lobby Area

Seed Warehouse: 160’ x 120’ x 20’ tall
Applicator Building: 60’ x 120’ x 18’ tall
Maintenance Building: 90’ x 45’ x 20’ tall
Automation: Murray Equipment