Hatton, ND Valley United Coop

Valley United Coop https://www.valleyunited.ag/ employs over 100 people and serves customers throughout Eastern North Dakota and Western Minnesota. Their mission is to be the leader in providing quality products, services and markets to their customers while optimizing value for their members.

What They Needed

The goal was for them to provide greater scale, efficiencies and ultimately value in their Agronomy business for their members.

What Stueve Designed

We designed and built a facility with just under 17,000 tons of dry fertilizer storage and has one of the largest retail impregnation rooms in the countryside. The facility is fast with 250 tons plus of receiving and loadout capabilities.

“Stueve constructed a facility that provides us value. Their experience, project management and communication were second to none. We’d choose Stueve again if we build in the future!” — Robin Stene, Chief Operating Officer, Valley United Co-op

Specs at a Glance

Dry Fertilizer Storage Capacity: 16,985 Tons
Number of Storage Bins: 7 Macro Bins, 4 Micro Bins
Bin Area: 242’ x 100’
Alleyway: 242’ x 36’
Enclosed Truck Receiving: 100’ x 22’
Enclosed Two-Lane Truck Loadout: 100’ x 66’
Elevated Control Room: 26’ x 14’
Heated Chemical Impregnation Room: 100’ x 30’

Trade Partners

  • Equipment
    • Blend System: Sackett Waconia Blend Tower
      • 250T HIM
      • w/4 ton batch size
      • number of products in a typical blend = 5
  • Automation:
    • Kahler