Holdrege, Nebraska Nutrien Ag Solutions

What They Needed

Nutrien Ag Solutions was established in 2018, but predecessor companies began operating as early as 1859. In order to continue to serve its customers, the company is constantly innovating and adopting new technologies as the ag industry changes. Now, Nutrien Ag Solutions is part of a global network of retailers that spans three continents.

The existing retail facility in Holdrege, Nebraska, no longer had adequate storage for the site. The land size and rail siding no longer had the capacity to meet the location’s needs. The building the new facility replaced was a one-product facility and did not have the capability to mix or blend several dry products.

What We Designed

Stueve surveyed the site and constructed a new dry-fertilizer building with a revamped rail system to handle the facility’s increased needs for dry fertilizer useage.

“Stueve was very good to work with,” says Kelly Swanson, Branch Manager at the Holdrege location. “As with any projects, problems or questions came up about certain things and how it would work or if it could be changed to make it work better. I was very pleased to have them listen to our needs and work any problems out that came up. There were several things we changed during construction and Stueve was able to make the changes to the building as needed.”

The Results

“We increased our rail siding to hold just about three times as many cars. The largest bin size is 4,000 tons, while the smallest is 100 tons,” Swanson says. “We can store up to 20 different products and are able to inject or impregnate the dry fertilizer with several additives, like a nitrogen stabilizer.The facility increased from originally a 3,000-ton storage capacity to now more than 18,000 + tons.”

Specs at a Glance

Total Storage Capacity: 18,870 T
Bin Area : 340’ x 80’
Macro Bins: 9 l Micro Bins: 4
Alleyway: 275’ x 40’ Blender Area : 175’ x 16’
Enclosed Load-Out: 140’ x 36’
Elevated Control Room w/Bump Out Area: 24’ X 16’
Enclosed Truck Receiving: 50’ x 22’
Heated Chem Room: 20’ x 14’
Rail Receiving: 400 TPH
Blend System: (2) – Doyle 16T Rotary blenders
In-Floor Heat System: Alleyway & Blender Pit Area
Fall Protection System: 4’ x 47’ x 23’-4” Platform