Agronomy Centers

Whether it is one building or an entire complex we have the solution

Greenfield Agronomy Super Centers

Whether it is one building or an entire complex we have the solution. Stueve Construction can design, construct, and totally manage your agronomy project. We have relationships with equipment, automation, and electrical companies to help you plan construct a total facility with one call.

Chemical & Seed Warehousing

Stueve Constructions chemical and seed warehouses are custom designed warehouses that can be constructed of wood or steel, and can also be separate or attached with a dry building. They can be insulated and also designed for hazard storage. These warehouses can range from simply to storage, to a fully automated 24/7 liquid/chemical load out.

Project Delivery

Stueve Construction can help with everything from the pre-planning to completely General Contracting the project from start to finish. Along with pre-planning management, the project will be managed by an on-site project manager. We will ensure you a successful project that you and us will both be proud of for years to come.

Talk with Stueve Construction about improving efficiencies at your operation with a modern agronomy center.

Improved technology and new demands of modern agriculture has changed the way North American ag retailers operate. Farmers have advanced with better efficiencies in planting and harvesting and require their crop input suppliers to keep up with them.

Additionally, bulk fertilizer blending has become a standard practice since the 1970’s. The development of barge and unit train receiving systems has helped retailers maintain profitability. Many of the top ag retailers in North America have seen the advantages of economies of scale and planned for it. Retailers have consolidated out dated and inefficient facilities and grouped them into one location. This hub plant or agronomy center is logical management practice.

An agronomy center can not only house dry fertilizer, but liquid plant food, crop protection and seed. A Stueve Dry fertilizer building will be a functional, durable and most importantly, a safe and clean workplace. Liquid storage and blending facilities may require special containment and environmental considerations. Crop protection or Hazmat materials may require special storage, with heating systems or fire suppression.

Finally, bulk and bagged seed storage facilities needs to be planned correctly. Staff offices and mechanical shops are also a part of most centers. Larger facilities may offer grain receiving, drying, and storage.

Stueve Construction is the leader in the design and building of modern and functional agronomy centers. Facilities may be laid out on many acres of property for the best land use and also for future expansion. Stueve understands limitations with rail or river access. Truck traffic patterns will not go overlooked because Stueve Construction has worked on over 1300 fertilizer facilities in its 60+ year history. Stueve knows and understands regulations with fertilizers, hazardous materials, Federal, state and local building and safety regulations.

Stueve will work with your management team for the best solution. Stueve can manage the agronomy center project with other vendors and put the years of experience of our staff to use. Our construction crews will be coordinated so the project comes together on time and on budget.